Indepayment’s Milestone and Escrow Payment Service will serve the needs of the freelancer and independent worker community.  We will work with licensed escrow agents to safely hold your fee.  Once the escrow is funded, you can demand release of the funds when an agreed to milestone is reached or the project is completed. If the client fails to act, the funds are yours.  If the client disputes the release of funds, you can reflect that in their IndeScore [link] and attempt to resolve it with the client.  We will help by mediating the dispute.  If it cannot be resolved, we will continue to hold the funds and not return them to the client absent both you and your client’s approval.  This way, you’re client does not get their money back unless they resolve the dispute with you.

Unlike the escrow services offered by freelancer and independent worker matching services like Odesk,, and, we will be truly independent because we don’t rely on fees paid by employers.

You decide the terms of the escrow agreement and can escrow any portion of the fee (first payment, final payment, etc).  This service is under development and we will be online shortly.  If you’re interested in it, please fill out the form below.

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