Millions of freelancers, independent workers, and small businesses have at least one unpaid invoice each year. Indepayment uses proprietary technology to aggregate debts owed to freelancers, independent workers, and small businesses to make them more efficient for collection. We link you up with other freelancers, independent workers and small businesses who are also owed money by the same debtor and allow you take collective action.  We also keep track of who is not paying, and allow you to sell your unpaid invoices to a debt investor.

You should let Indepayment collect your unpaid invoices because:

  • We allow free access to our community driven IndeScores.
    •  When you use Indepayment to collect a debt, the IndeScore you assign helps the whole community know the risk of doing business with customers who don’t pay.
  • Using Indepayment to collect unpaid invoices, for free, gives you access to our exclusive network of licensed debt collectors.
    • We assign debts for collection in bulk, and our network of licensed debt collectors know how to collect freelancer, independent worker, and small business debt.  We monitor their effectiveness, and no one gets paid unless you do.
  • Our Escrow and Milestone service is designed for freelancers, independent workers and small business.
    • Unlike escrow services offered by job boards, you will have control.
  • Our exclusive Account Charge-Off allows you to get to value for qualified invoices you no longer want to try and collect.
    • You can transfer the risk of non-payment to a debt investor.
  • Unpaid invoices for work performed through, UpWork, and other online job boards can be collected through Indepayment.
    • You can use Indepayment to collect even if you’ve tried their dispute resolutions systems and gotten no results.
  • You can use Indepayment to collect unpaid invoices created by your online accounting system, like Harvest,, FreshBooks, Saasu, Wave, Xero, Invoiced or Quickbooks.
    • Those services are great, but they don’t collect.  We do.
  • None of your unpaid invoices are too old or too small and you don’t need to spend the time and money to bring a lawsuit.
    • Smaller unpaid invoices are poorly served through the court system, and you can’t sue if a debt is too old. Most judgments go unpaid and require collection efforts. If you have used the court system, you can still collect through Indepayment.  We don’t charge you unless the debt is collected.

Start Getting PAID

Sorry, Indepayment is not accepting any new debts at this time.  Thanks for your interest.