Our fees are straight forward.  If the debt is paid through our collection efforts, you pay us a fee of $99 if the debt is under $1,000 or 10% of the amount collected if the debt is $1,000 or more.  If we need to use one of our debt collection partners, then you pay a $99 flat fee and our debt collection partners' fees of about 35% of the amount collected.  If nothing is collected, you pay nothing.  If you choose to sue, we pay the costs of your lawsuit,  such as the costs of filing the action and tracking down assets. Those costs are reimbursed from any money recovered.  Again, unless you choose otherwise, if nothing is collected, you pay nothing.  To understand the fees you can expect, enter the amount you're trying to collect into the sheet below:

To get started with Indepayment’s collect service, register a debt by filling out the form below.   Each debt is considered a different account, so if the debtor owes on more than one project, for example, each debt needs to be registered separately.


Name *
Just the company name, or the individual, or both. We will run it through our data base to see whether other freelancers, independent workers and small businesses have also had non-payment issues with this same debtor.
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By Registering a Debt you agree to Indepayment's Terms of Service

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