Keeping Tabs on Your Clients’ Tabs

Indepayment’s comprehensive debt collection platform makes getting paid on overdue and hard to collect invoices as simple as possible.  But that raises a big issue: Do you really know when your invoice is overdue?  After all, you can only collect a debt that you know is due.

Most freelancers and small business hack their way through this problem.  Calendar reminders, reminder emails to clients, nastier emails to clients, etc.  Everyone has their own system.  You can see our recommended system here.

There are a few services that automate the process of reminding you that invoices are overdue and in some cases send automatic and customized reminders to your clients to pay.  Last week we met with Jess Perez, the founder of Tycoon App.  We’re pretty excited about Tycoon App.  Its the first app designed to let freelancers track their overdue invoices in real time.  It’s got a really simple and intuitive user Interface and it’s a great complement to Indepayment’s debt collection service because it makes sure you, and your client, know what payments are due and when they are due.  From there, if you don’t get paid, our team at Indepayment has can offer our comprehensive debt collection solution.

The “automated account receivable management space” offers freelancers other options, too.  If you have a client who “forgets” to pay, or just figures they can delay payment, and you don’t want to make aggressive calls yourself, you can hire a freelancer to make those calls for you. A great option is our friend Julie.  Her service is great. Julie promises to be “thermonuclear nice” so as to get you paid without alienating your client.  If you’re looking for an automated solution and anticipate having many accounts to manage all at once, try  Plans start at $500 per month with a one-year contract, but rest assured you’ll never need to make that difficult “where’s my money” call again. 

You may not need live folks to make the calls, and may just want to send personalized emails.  For that, the folks at have designed a software as service that sits on top of your accounting software and sends reminders to your clients to pay. Basic plans are very affordable, and they also have a premium package for about $400 per month that includes live phone calls. 

Indepayment’s network of lawyers and collectors pick up where your account receivable management service leaves off. We deal with the deadbeats that don't pay no matter how many times you ask, nicely or otherwise.  Unlike account receivable management services, where you’re paying for the service of contacting your clients so you don’t have to, at Indepayment you’re paying for the collection, and we don’t get paid until you do.

And remember, even when you think you’re dealing with a deadbeat who won't pay no matter how many times you ask, we recommend you send one final demand letter before registering your debt on Indepayment.  Knowing that you’ve demanded your money and still not been paid creates a clean break between your efforts to collect and Indepayment's debt collection.   

Now, lets get you paid!