Make Independence Pay!

During the signing of the Declaration of Independence, either on July 4, 1776 or August 2, 1776, depending on who you ask, John Hancock gave a speech regarding the importance of the colonies remaining united against the British.  After the speech, Benjamin Franklin famously retorted “Yes, we must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."  It’s a little bit of, literally, gallows humor at an otherwise very sober and serious occasion.

Why do I think the signing of the declaration of independence was sober and serious?  By the summer of 1776, the colonies were already at war with the crown for a year and victory was far from certain.  By declaring independence before actually winning the war, the Continental Congress was raising the stakes considerably.  Nevertheless, the founders were also a very principled group: they thought that rulers must have the consent of those they rule.  In their mind, King George III had broken that bargain, and natural law required they set that right.  They saw a challenge and rose to it. And the rest is history.

Freelancers, independent workers and small business also face a host of challenges. When you’re working for yourself, its more challenging to pay taxes, get insurance, and in the space that Indepayment services, collect debts. Like the founders, Indepayment is rising to the challenge.

Indepayment was founded on the idea that by aggregating debts freelancers, independent workers and small businesses can get access to the same debt collection infrastructure used by huge creditors. We can also create a market for “charged off” debt which debt buyers purchase in bulk and we can also better evaluate credit risk by knowing in advance who pays, and who does not.  As Ben might say: by hanging together, we’re no longer hanging apart, most assuredly.

This Independence Day, make Independence Pay by registering an unpaid invoice with Indepayment. 

-Happy Independence Day from the Indepayment Team.